Summer Time is Picnic Time

I have a friend who’s quite an amazing woman – she blogs about food – and food history, in posts chock-filled with fun and facts. And not only that! Each summer Louise has a picnic. A huge picnic! We each have to choose a letter from the alphabet then bring some food matching the letter. My letter this year, is V. V for Valentine? Oh! No, that’s in February. V, for our picnic! ~ for the foods I’ll carry to our picnic tables and the blankets tossed on the flat ground near the imaginary lake, will be Vegetable Things of Spring Salad . . . Veal Shank with Risotto . . . and Viennese Chocolate-Cherry Torte. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Olive oil, bacon fat (oh yes), prosciutto, Spring onions and dandelion greens rough-cut . . . all tossed over medium high heat in a skillet with the sugar snap peas then salted and peppered and doused with apple cider vinegar, to keep it real. This is my Vegetable Things of Spring Salad.

I’ll put up the recipe for the veal shank at the end of the post!

Here is the Viennese torte recipe. It’s a bit messy – I’ve had it around since forever ~

If you’re visiting me for the first time here, you’ll notice that most of my posts don’t have food photos or recipes. That’s because I do that sort of thing on the facebook page linked to this blog. If you’re still hungry after the picnic, the door is always open to visit there!

Now here are my co-conspirators in this picnic thing. It looks like we’re going to really party . . . uh . . . hearty????!!! Um hmm.

A- Almond Joy Pie

B- Baked Beans

C-Chocolate Picnic Cake

D-Dutch Funnel Cake

E-Easy Blender Chicken Pie

F-Five Bean Salad

G-Granola Bars

H-Herb and Cheese Pasta Salad

I-Incredibly Fruity Raspberry Cakes

J-Jeweled Picnic Bars


L-Long Island Lemonade Cocktail

M-Mushroom Tart

N-Nut Roast

O-Olive Nut Bread

P-Pomegranate Mousse Cake (absolutely worth the wait, as I’m sure yours is:)


R-Raspberry Chocolate Macarons

S-Spicy Glazed Shrimp and Veggie Kabobs

T-Turkey and Pear wraps w/ Curried Aioli!!

Well, I’m off to the picnic . . . must visit everyone to see their stuff close-up and personal! And thanks once again, Louise – it’s always a pleasure to visit with both you as you, and you as Picnic Mistress at Dainty Delights from Diverse Directions @ Months of Edible Celebrations.


Oops! Almost forgot – here is the always-worthy Elizabeth David’s recipe for Veal Shanks . . .

P.S. Last minute additions! They look lovely.

P-Pomegranate Mousse Cake (Chef Dennis) @ More Than a Mouthful

U-“Unoriginal Whole Foods Salad Bar” (Mae) @ Mae’s Food Blog (Mae “threw” this post together just this morning, sweet heart that she is.)


Sunday in the Kitchen with Postcards

As Lewis Carroll noted ~

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot– And whether pigs have wings.”

The week started with peas, and so we shall talk of them first.

‘In the vegetable world, there is nothing so innocent, so confiding in its expression, as the small green face of the freshly shelled green pea. Asparagus is pushing and bossy, lettuce is loud and blowsy, radishes are gay and playful but the little green pea is so helpless and friendly that it makes really sensitive stomachs suffer to see how he is treated in the average home. Fling him into the water and let him boil – and that’s that.’ – William Wallace Irwin

There are some things to eat which can be made from peas – for my Spring Things Salad I chose dandelion greens, scallions, and sugar snap peas

Here is the finished dish – a warm salad tossed together with prosciutto and dressed for dining al fresco

After following the peas where they led we found Elsie, and along with Elsie came the idea of salesmanship and branding, of which one must learn

Don’t sell the steak; sell the sizzle. It is the sizzle that sells the steak and not the cow, although the cow is, of course, mighty important. – Elmer Wheeler, Principle Number 1 of Salesmanship (1936)

But there is more to Elsie than an idea as this story from Borden relates but after reading so much I got hungry. This led straight to the idea of a grilled cheese sandwich but that was a little bit worrisome. I’ve been around foodies a lot, and foodies have certain rules that are espoused about what we should and should not eat – so I had to ask the question

Americans be ashamed of our traditional meal – the grilled cheese
sandwich made from white bread, processed cheese slices and butter sided
by potato chips from a bag and (usually) cream of tomato soup from a

but while I waited for advice the tension was palpable. My stomach was growling. I did not care anymore!!! I decided that

I am not ashamed. I know this taste as something fed to me as a child with love. I would not want it replaced with artisan bread, fine cheese, or hand-cut chips. This, is the taste of my childhood. It deserves honor.

And so, it happened.

( . . . and it was Good!)

I did try to find some May wine. It was a bit of a debacle. Finally I gave up and resorted to the strawberries which were meant for the May wine bowl and pretended I was having a lovely walk in the woods, with just the merest bite to eat!

Strawberries with mascarpone rolled round in brown sugar and buttoned with edible flowers . . . blackberries alongside, which when served on a plate ended up being a dainty little dish!

What is in the little cup? Why, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, of course.

If you haven’t joined us at the facebook page, do consider it! There is plenty of room at the table. x K