Pages From a Vintage Gastro-Travel Notebook

Korea in the rice fields . . . Havana, Cuba at the Tropicana . . . Waterloo, Belgium at the Belle-Alliance Cafe-Restaurant. How many days would you stay at each? What would you dine upon?


Living la Vida Weekend, Postcards From The Dinner Table in a Foodie Way

Some people don’t want to do facebook. I don’t know why. Maybe they want to have a few moments of free time, or maybe they don’t want to fall into the morass that is called ‘social media’ or maybe they are sane.

For those of you who refuse to enter the doors of time-sucking doom to read the facebook page attached to this blog, here’s a round-up of the week’s photos and links inspired by the daily postcard.

From berry to cake . . .

The cake is a home style simplified version of Lenotre’s Strawberry Cake, viewed below

If you go on a picnic you might want to make some ratatouille. Kittens like it.

It goes well with sausage bread (which kittens also like!)

Now, on to the topic of chewing.

less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe
more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be
yours’ – Swedish

And here is MFK Fisher on the food I think of when I think of a food that does not need to be chewed

What other writer do¬† you know – who could make ‘milk toast’ sound and feel the way she did?

Here, we learn about icemen of the olden days

And here we hear a scary story about ice being used in an unusual way

There is a beautiful ice palace with a dreadful secret . . .

1878 – Valery Ivanovich Jacobi

And the final thought for the week is summed up, for musing upon till something better comes along to muse upon

‘Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors’ – Alice Walker

Ciao, bellas! Enjoy the weekend!

x K

And Now, We Move Into the Kitchen . . .

It’s time to cook. Most particularly it’s time to cook (and then eat the things we cook) (and then talk on for as long as we want about the things we’ve cooked and eaten) from the incitements created by these postcards set down here before us, on this dinner table.

There’s no room on this table to cook unless we do it with a tiny brazier or something silly like that, so we’ve got to move into the kitchen.

If you’d like to know the recipes, devour the tastes, sniff ever-so-delicately at the divine aromas – you can do these things at Postcards From The Dinner Table (In The Kitchen) on facebook.

The cooking starts tonight. Cutey Pie makes her debut as a food rather than as a chick who just chatters on and on.

Join us, if you’d like!

Destinee and the Fantastic Egg

Scrambled Eggs from MFK Fisher

8 good fresh eggs

1/2 pint or more good rich cream

Salt and Pepper

Break eggs gently into skillet. Pour in cream and stir quietly til blended – but no more.

Never beat or whip.

Heat very slowly, stirring from the middle bottom in large curds – as seldom as possible.

Never let bubble.

Add seasoning at last stir or two.

This takes perhaps half an hour. It can not be hurried.