Make That a Double Pina Colada and Let’s Hide in the Pineapple Field, Shall We?

Ah, those Florida postcards! This one seems to be a Postcardus Interruptus – by the way the story seems to be unfolding it may have taken three cards to write the message.

My guess is this card dates from between 1930 – 1950, but if any postcard experts are out there who can date it more closely, please do so!!

And here is what it says:

+ I went out and got help + and he was gone when the men came but they got him any how out on the street. They tuck him + put him in jail.

This town is getting to be to mutch pretty soon they have let all does carazy sports out of there houses so they are spread all over town now. I won’t be very old here if it ain’t going to take an end. I’ll go home and stay in bed all the time if I can d live another life I ain’t going to be killed. My friend Gw. Graton got killed sprised the other night when he was sleep – so we have some thing on us.

I don’t think any thing eaten or dined upon would really help in this situation. The fresh ripe scent of pineapple in the fertile fields might smell to the writer of the postcard as actually bitter and ugly, no matter how true to the earth and soil and sun and sky they might be.

Nevertheless, thoughts of a pineapple upside-down cake can be a boon to those of us not in this situation, so here is a link to an excellent recipe for one at Simply Recipes. This is one of the easiest cakes in the world to bake. Have no fears if you’ve never made a cake before . . . it will still turn out well!


Hey! Let’s Pig Out Inside a Giant White and Gold Cupcake

Dear Sis –

If you are ever hungry for too much to eat just show up at the Kapok Inn. We ate there last night and are in Ft. Myers today. We plan to go on to Miami tomorrow. We will spend Sat. eve, Sun there and go on to north Mon. Lots of fun, Paul

It sounds as if Paul ate so much that he expanded to Ft. Myers. How a meal could continue to expand him all the way to Miami the day after is something to think about. But he’s having fun, so that’s what matters! I would be having fun too if I were sitting inside a giant white and gold cupcake being endlessly fed.

But here we have two feet of snow and I have to go make my own breakfast. I can only dream of expanding-by-eating through the warm cities of Florida and after all that was done with, after I’d eaten enough to place me right beside the ocean, of  taking the lessons that would make me a mermaid.

Why Florida Worries Me



They really grow ’em big & juicy down here – plenty fresh cucumbers, tomatos, corn on the cob etc to eat. We arrived Sat P.M. – not too tired after being on the road so long – Dad Hattie and Eloise start on their journey to the “Deep South” – really beautiful here about 76 degree here now & was 82 degrees here Sat. The nites get cool, sleep under two blankets. “Dick” is out trying to mow the 2 x 4 lawn. Lois.

First the giant oranges, two of them, on a little fake trainbed, with the stark warning: ‘ORANGES – The Kind that Grow in Florida’. Then the note – so innocuous, so brainless, so dull. Sleep under two blankets??? What is this, a tutorial? And finally, the last straw, the thing that really worries me is her last line. I’d say there’s plenty to be worried about there.

Let’s add some Northern quasi-Lutheranism to this whole thing. Let’s erase these worrisome thoughts and add some tart cranberries to those oranges. Let’s make Oranges in Cranberry Coulis. And for god’s sake let’s get Dick in the house and off the lawn.

Recipe for Oranges with Cranberry Coulis (It’s a nice, light fruit dessert)

For more on oranges, here’s a Zesty History of Florida Oranges