How to Behave with Rice and Chopsticks (and More)

There are strict manners regarding the eating of rice in Japan (along with other places). Here is a starter course on learning the correct table manners, and even better – it is partially in Engrish. 🙂

The worst thing and you should never do is stab your chop sticks on the top of rice like this. This means that this rice is food for dead person.

On the other side of the globe, an American sings of brown rice.

And here, in my house, I will eat rice with chili made of veggies ~


What Would Don Draper Do?

The Madison Avenue of 1960’s ad agencies is just a hop and a skip from Fifth Avenue and 56th Street. I’d suspect that when Don took clients out to lunch that Miyako might have been one of the places he’d frequent. Sukiyaki! How exotic a thing in the early 1960’s!

Dining with clients from out of town can be hazardous, in a city like New York. Sukiyaki is not for everyone. Perhaps Don would take the clients he suspected might not like Japanese food here, to the Stockholm Restaurant. After all, a Swedish and Italian smorgasbord would have many options for picky eaters.

Our postcard sender reports it is the best. And that she and her companions emerged as ‘four stuffed pigs’. Ahhhhhhh. How perfect!

Peanuts, Moonshine, and a Table in New Orleans

The back of the card above is printed with the words ‘Harvest Time in the South Land’

Reverse this card and more information is provided. ‘Highway 58 is the best road up Lookout Mountain to Rock City. You don’t need a guide.’

No of course I don’t. I do want to go to Rock City! And I realize that all I have to do is keep a sharp eye out for the elves who are calling out to me . . .

I’ve never met a bombardier – have you???

The Mysterious Conjunction of Love, Sex, and (Lobster?)

It appears that the Lobster Provider is dreaming of cold cherries and snow. Perhaps he should drink a bit more of that champagne he is determined to offer Miss Muffet! I have to wonder where, or who, the spider is – and what variety of web is being woven . . .

This postcard bears a mysterious message. The Dramas of the Deep Sea may be beyond me. What will happen???? Will the other 13 get their claws torn off in pitched battle? And if so, can I have some?

Finally, the Lobster Provider is now married. He wears a red shirt, I don’t know why. Is he now a lobster himself? Obviously, married bliss in Nova Scotia where one can squint into the sun while holding plates of crustaceans is to be much desired. Just look at those hairstyles. Delightful.