Chicken Little – Pastoral, Publicly Relationed, and Politically Poemed

Above: ‘Country Life at Irvington’, postmarked 1910

Golf is something I never imagined a chicken wanting to take up as an activity . . .

But when people are being told to eat 25 of you, golf might be something to take one’s mind off the probable future.

Chicken does have a certain power, though. Especially fried chicken.

I hate to admit this, brother, but there are times
When I’m eating fried chicken
When I think about nothing else but eating fried chicken,
When I utterly forget about my family, honor and country,
The various blood debts you owe me,
My past humiliations and my future crimes—
Everything, in short, but the crispy skin on my fried chicken.

But I’m not altogether evil, there are also times
When I will refuse to lick or swallow anything
That’s not generally available to mankind.

(Which is, when you think about it, absolutely nothing at all.)

And no doubt that’s why apples can cause riots,
And meat brings humiliation,
And each gasp of air
Will fill one’s lungs with gun powder and smoke.

Eating Fried Chicken by
Linh Dinh


Sometimes Nothing Will Do But Food. And Information. And Pictures.

Here’s the compilation of food posts this week from the facebook page linked to this blog ~

More on bottle houses

How to make a bottle wall (It starts with just one sip . . .)

Here’s a video of a rather pretty bottle house. It is prettier with the sound turned down, or at least I think so  – the mermaid-like girl does not have a mermaid-like voice, sadly

In order to inspire the hopeful bottle-house-builder on their way, there is Robert Louis Stevenson’s notes on what is inside the bottle

Wine is bottled poetry. – Robert Louis Stevenson

And I found a way to use some wine, in order to empty those needed bottles.

The man is directing me to the parsley which is needed for the recipe

Lemon zest will also be used

along with the wine used to deglaze the pan for osso bucci with always-delightful gremolata and risotto.

Moving on to backyard urban chickens, there is a fact divulged by the author of Charlotte’s Web

‘I don’t know which is more discouraging, literature or chickens.’ (in a Letter to James Thurber from E.B. White)

E.B. White wrote more on chickens . . . real chickens . . . here is a link to ‘One Man’s Meat’ at Culinate, if you’d like to read more.

For my own chicken, I made a yogurt-based marinade

The weather did not allow outdoor grilling, but the oven broiler was kind and did the job well

The kebob ended its short life on top of a butter-griddled sesame-seed tossed pita with green sauce and cucumbers. It was happy, so was I! ~

Now the melons. Ben Franklin of all people had something to say about melons

‘Men and melons are hard to know.’ – Benjamin Franklin

In order to learn the melon, we can go to historic sources

Hot or cold, dangerous or helpful – foods used to be specifically noted as such.
‘Indus or Palestinian Melons (Melones Indi Idest Palestini)
Nature: Cold and humid in the second degree. Optimum: Those that are
sweet and watery. Usefulness: Good in illnesses. Dangers: Bad for the
digestion. Neutralization of the Dangers: …With barley-sugar.’ The Tacuinum of Rouen

If you want to learn more than melons, here is the text of the Tacuinum Sanitatis online. Rather glorious!

Then, of course, there are potatoes and allotments!

‘The Dig for Victory! campaign was
instigated in Britain as soon as World War II started. The government
realised that the population would go hungry if the war was to last
longer than a few months. The result was that formal gardens, lawns and
even sports pitches were transformed into allotments, large and
…small, and everybody on the home front was encouraged to become a
vegetable gardener.’

This was the past of allotments – the full story can be read here at BBC –
Dig For Victory
and for current information and news and everything you could want to know on allotments, here is the Allotment Growing site.

Eva suggested the idea of pogacsa as a use for potatoes – and what a beautiful one!

At the end of it all, we are left with the worthy thought

Pray for peace and grace and spiritual food, For wisdom and guidance, for all these are good, But don’t forget the potatoes. – John Tyler Petee, Prayer and Potatoes


Cutey Pie Roasts Man

I keep falling asleep and having the strangest dreams. There’s something about being a little chick in your big hands . . . that must be the reason.

This time I had a dream that I was a human woman. Naturally I was in a yellow dress, pretty much the color of my natural feathers, but of course not as fluffy or as alluring! My face was rather peaked and chicken-like, but that may have been because sitting directly across from me was my natural enemy (at least as a chick!) – a dog. His teeth were hanging out and he was panting. I had a sense he wanted to eat something.

But it wasn’t me he wanted to eat. It was the little man. I was doing what – normally – people end up doing to me! I was roasting someone, over a nice wood fire burned down to the hottest of coals.

And I was saying to him: “Why don’t you pop?”

I don’t know why I was saying that. But I do know that he didn’t smell as nice as I do, roasted. But it was just a dream. Maybe in real life he would?

Why I’m Afraid by Cutey Pie

Come here. Sit down please and hold out your hands, together in a nice little cup shape. I’d like to jump into them and cuddle while we talk about this.

Yesterday I told you I wanted adventure. I’m not ready for what they have planned for me. I may never be ready. What am I afraid of? Please pat my little head softly while I tell you. There, that’s nice. Have you been handling garlic? Oh how I love the smell on your fingers as they ruffle my feathers! Garlic, is of course part of my destiny.

These images will show you why I am afraid.

I mean, how tacky!!!! I do not want to end up being your fast food. You can label it ‘gourmet’ all you want. I do not believe you.

Now please scratch my little neck, softly. And my wing. Now stay just like that, I need a nap.