Celebration! And Food! (Five Ways)

What would a birthday be without a cake?! As we see in the postcard above, even the little birds are so charmed that they bring flowers to the table of the cats as love offering!

The Family Dinner, particularly on holidays, is the scene of many a celebratory expedition into foods. Often the theme is based on Excess. Dress and etiquette are part of these dinners, as is, in later years, the Football Game.

Drinking is often a part of some celebrations. It can be the entire point of a celebration, even. In this postcard there is not much food, but a lot of very active and alive forms of alcohol. There are only a few hot dogs flying out of the top of the Keg’s head, to munch upon if the need arises.

For some, the celebration may not be about cooking the food or eating the food, but rather about where the food comes from – in this case, the party-ers are communing with their cow in a field while extolling its wonders.

There must be something to this cow-and-field thing, for the sender of this card is quite loquacious.

Dear Sister. after so long a time I will try and send you a card we haven’t forgotten you all yet would have written sooner but so much to do always. We will soon have Winter Xmas is most here we want to butcher Soon Howard said to come up and stay a few day then with us. guess Maude and Chester are going to school. I heard from home last week they were well. Nute and Lizzie was at Wills last Sunday. Nannie is rite sick. Mrs. Shannon & I was to see her last week. Write soon Emma.

Anyone who fishes will tell you that catching a Big One is a cause for much celebration! The fish above is about to be chopped up by a man who didn’t even break a sweat while catching it, apparently. Will he keep that white shirt immaculate through the cleaning of the fish? (I rather doubt it!)

Nevertheless, there is always time to write of Victory, even if one is standing over a large sea creature. Here is his note:

Sis, – this is a picture of my first catch what do you think of it not so bad. I am having a good time Rulison

I wonder what recipe he used. It must have been quite a feast!


The Cats Picnic

Innocent Bystander: How cute! Little kitties having a picnic with their friends!!!

The Bear: Hey! I want the beer, you take the soda! You got the beer the last time!

Fishing Boy Cat: Hey Momma, I got a big fish for the pot! He’s gonna make a good bouilliabaisse!

Momma Cat: Son, we don’t make bouilliabaisse in this family. In this family we stick to chowder! Get those fancy foreign notions out of your head.

The Fish: Not me! Not me! Do not eat me! Remember, I am like you!!! I am only an adorable little animal! Not me!

Sincerely, My Potatoes Are Bigger Than Yours, Weigellia

Dear Donna, I sure wish it was summer too, although we have been having lovely weather on Feb. 14th – I even saw a butterfly. We did have four days of snow last month – and was it cold !!

Guess what? We have a cat that eats ants. Mom moved his bed – some ants had made a nest under it and he was licking them up by the score! Sincerely,

Miss Weigellia Trook

Subtext: Hi. I live in Oregon. Not much going on here but we do grow big potatoes. They are much bigger than your potatoes in West Virginia. Yes, I am freezing to death but on Valentines Day a butterfly appeared magically for me, which is really good luck and means some great guy will fall in love with me very soon! But till then I want you to know that we have the best cat in the world. Not every cat goes about eating the stupid ugly insects which appear here out in the countryside, so I am very very lucky!! I really need you to know this, and my name is, of course – not something simple like Donna. I am, of course – Weigellia.

Cats at Tea Time

cats fin

cats back fin

Dear John – Don’t you think these cats are “sissies” when it comes to mice? I took care of Doris Tyrell’s little dog one day last week and she brought me six of these cards to send to my grandchildren. You should have seen how scared the dog was during a thunderstorm! Love from Grandfather and Grandmother

It looks like teatime was interrupted for these prim and proper kitties by the rude intrusion of what appears to be a family of rats! If the table could be re-set, the linens straightened, the tea replaced by a bit of brandy or champagne to speed recovery from this terrible shock, would the kitties then want to return to their pastries? I think not. If it were my dinner, I’d be bringing out the smoked salmon.