We’re All Winners!

Congratulations to Michelle of Italian Mama Chef, Dianne of Casa Luna, Mary who doesn’t have a blog yet herself but who posts on Serious Eats, and Judith of Aroma Cucina. They’ve won the book giveaway(s) and I’ve won the chance to meet one new person and have had the delight of reconnecting with others.

Heading to snail mail, as soon as I have all the addresses in order!



I hearby re-name today, February 17, Gre…

I hearby re-name today, February 17, Greed Without Shame Day. And to welcome everyone to this new holiday will do one of these ‘giveaway’ things. Just for the fun of it because I’m bored and want to see what happens. Am giving away a new copy of “Appetite City” by William Grimes to someone chosen at random (name in a mixed up bowl method) who decides to follow Postcards From The Dinner Table on Networked Blogs today. Be bold! Be greedy! Allow your finger to actually click that ‘follow’ button! I don’t think it will hurt you! Win! Win! Then read, read – an excellent book on the culinary history of New York City.

Postcards, Recipes, Stories, What???!!!

The shapes any blog can take are as wide as one’s imagination can stretch.

Postcards From The Dinner Table is a food blog in ways, yes. It is also a postcard blog. And now, it is a story blog also – with the addition of the narrative element. The narrative element of whomever is eating the food always seems to me such a vital part of each bite anyone takes!

In its current shape, the postcards lead the way. They are the start of the path – where it all begins. They can lead us to food history, to foodways far and wide, large and small, industrial and/or local. The postcards can lead us to recipes for things we might wish to cook in our own homes, or recipes we might just wish to look at and taste in our minds. And they can lead us to thinking of what we do when we take a bite or offer a bite . . . of our internal longings or repulsions and of how we and others handle these quirky things, on a day to day basis. And truly, how we handle the quirky things we feel about food is telling about how we handle other things in life that may – in a larger or broader sense – be more important.

And then of course there is the pleasure found in a tale.

I’ve received some interesting comments in my e-mail box about the new format ‘with story’. Those who like it, really like it. Those who want to have a clear sense of understanding ‘what this blog is supposed to be about’ are somewhat confused by it.

I like it. I like the stories. I like the narrative element so intensely that I want to jump up and down and shout ‘yes!’ when I finish writing those parts.

Therefore I do hope that most of you will too. I don’t promise that every story will be a picture of prettiness – because in reality, life is not like that (unless of course you do  heavy drugs that disallow accurate perception of the thing we generally call ‘reality’) (or alternately if you are of the personality type which cheers loudly of the goodness of things even as the avalanche of snow is aiming towards your head).

But I do want to know what you think, so if you have anything to say . . . here’s the space to do it –  I’m all ears. 🙂