War Strategy Determined by Rice Porridge

Eating rice (porridge) serves as allegory and advice for war strategy ~ from Tamerlane’s Life (Bernhard Rode, 1780-81). “In a letter to Gleim dated 1860, Rode reports . . . Eating rice porridge at the home of an old woman, Tamerlane burns his mouth, since he has taken from the middle. He is advised always to begin at the edge when eating, and thus also in war to secure the borders before advancing into the interior.”

One way to strategize, for sure.


The Mysterious Conjunction of Love, Sex, and (Lobster?)

It appears that the Lobster Provider is dreaming of cold cherries and snow. Perhaps he should drink a bit more of that champagne he is determined to offer Miss Muffet! I have to wonder where, or who, the spider is – and what variety of web is being woven . . .

This postcard bears a mysterious message. The Dramas of the Deep Sea may be beyond me. What will happen???? Will the other 13 get their claws torn off in pitched battle? And if so, can I have some?

Finally, the Lobster Provider is now married. He wears a red shirt, I don’t know why. Is he now a lobster himself? Obviously, married bliss in Nova Scotia where one can squint into the sun while holding plates of crustaceans is to be much desired. Just look at those hairstyles. Delightful.

Just My Imagination . . .

Sometimes when I search for food postcards I get a little carried away. I start seeing food everywhere. I thought this woman’s hat was a big sweet potato.

In this case, I thought there was either a potato or a clam on top of the woman’s head. I was sure it had to be some German joke that I simply wasn’t aware of – I stared at the thing for a long time trying to figure it out. Clam? Potato? Why?

Finally I realized it was just her ponytail.

Living la Vida Weekend, Postcards From The Dinner Table in a Foodie Way

Some people don’t want to do facebook. I don’t know why. Maybe they want to have a few moments of free time, or maybe they don’t want to fall into the morass that is called ‘social media’ or maybe they are sane.

For those of you who refuse to enter the doors of time-sucking doom to read the facebook page attached to this blog, here’s a round-up of the week’s photos and links inspired by the daily postcard.

From berry to cake . . .

The cake is a home style simplified version of Lenotre’s Strawberry Cake, viewed below

If you go on a picnic you might want to make some ratatouille. Kittens like it.

It goes well with sausage bread (which kittens also like!)

Now, on to the topic of chewing.

less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe
more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be
yours’ – Swedish

And here is MFK Fisher on the food I think of when I think of a food that does not need to be chewed

What other writer do  you know – who could make ‘milk toast’ sound and feel the way she did?

Here, we learn about icemen of the olden days

And here we hear a scary story about ice being used in an unusual way

There is a beautiful ice palace with a dreadful secret . . .

1878 – Valery Ivanovich Jacobi

And the final thought for the week is summed up, for musing upon till something better comes along to muse upon

‘Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors’ – Alice Walker

Ciao, bellas! Enjoy the weekend!

x K

The Finer Points of Creative Weltschmerz-ing

It’s time – past time really – to discuss the finer points of creative weltschmerz-ing. As in scrap-booking, there are some distinct rules and provisions which will make the experience that much more fulfilling and righteous.

The definition of weltschmerz as given by wiki is excellent! Delving into weltschmerz as a new student, there is much to learn!

a term coined by the German author Jean Paul and denotes the kind of feeling experienced by someone who understands that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind. This kind of pessimistic world view was widespread among several romantic authors such as Lord Byron, Giacomo Leopardi, François-René de Chateaubriand, Alfred de Musset, Nikolaus Lenau, Herman Hesse, and Heinrich Heine. It is also used to denote the feeling of sadness when thinking about the evils of the world—compare empathy, theodicy.

The modern meaning of Weltschmerz in the German language is the psychological pain caused by sadness that can occur when realizing that someone’s own weaknesses are caused by the inappropriateness and cruelty of the world and (physical and social) circumstances. Weltschmerz in this meaning can cause depression, resignation and escapism, and can become a mental problem (compare to Hikikomori). The modern meaning should also be compared with the concept of anomie, or a kind of alienation, that Émile Durkheim wrote about in his sociological treatise Suicide.

It can be a challenge to find a postcard which fulfills all the things weltschmerz promises. We know that a feeling is an emotion which is caused by a number of factors – the chemicals in your brain, the food you ate today, how good a hair day you are having, genetic predisposition, cultural attenuations . . . but when one is scrapbooking weltschmerzing or seeking the ways of weltschmerz there are five * other rules I would insist need to be attended to.

1) Find the highest level of acceptable vulgarity possible. The level of vulgarity should be of a bourgeois sort (see ‘bourgeois’) teetering on the very knife-point of utter tastelessness. (Note: ‘tastelessness’ does not preclude things of a presupposed higher cultural order or financial output – see ‘Unhappy Hipsters’ for examples within this metier.)

2. Aim for cute-ness. This is a core value. Do not neglect the cute-ness.

3. The tonality of the finished piece should ooze cold, not warm – but the external surface must make pretense at warmth.

4. The final concept must scream ‘trite’. Within this trite-ness there should be a looming self-assurance.

If you can meet these four rules your creative weltschmerz-ing project should be accepted and embraced by multitudes! I leave you with the above postcard as fair example of the genre.

Best of luck to all who decide to pursue this field, and – of course –
Have a Nice Day!!!! ♥

* There are only four other rules. The fifth rule ran away.