Cowboys, Speedometers, Airmail Airmail, and Beans

Dear Hy: –

We made it in five days after a pleasant trip. As predicted, my speedometer conked out when it would have been handiest – going through a straight stretch in West Texas. I replaced it here in Tuscon. Of course, my “insurance” spare parts kept the trip trouble-free. Best Regards, Mel

Dear Mel,

Do you think your car is a horse? Giddy-yap, Cowboy!!!! Yeeeehaw!

This is cowboy week here at the Table, and aside from Mel and Hy with their male bonding-by-postcard over speedometers, one might want a bite to eat. All this travel, fresh air, smoke from the fire and exhaust fumes can make a person pretty durn hungry.

Cowboy (chuck-wagon) recipes do exist, and we can follow them to make some fine vittles right at home (though it is not the most extensive genre of cookery). And there are of course right alongside the food, amazing tales of adventure. Think ‘cowboy’ – and ‘adventure’ follows!

But time is short. Let’s get started. Our first recipe is the traditional pot of Cowboy Beans. Here’s a clip to demonstrate the usual way to chow down at the campfire, just like the one shown in our postcard above. Bon appetit!


Cats at Tea Time

cats fin

cats back fin

Dear John – Don’t you think these cats are “sissies” when it comes to mice? I took care of Doris Tyrell’s little dog one day last week and she brought me six of these cards to send to my grandchildren. You should have seen how scared the dog was during a thunderstorm! Love from Grandfather and Grandmother

It looks like teatime was interrupted for these prim and proper kitties by the rude intrusion of what appears to be a family of rats! If the table could be re-set, the linens straightened, the tea replaced by a bit of brandy or champagne to speed recovery from this terrible shock, would the kitties then want to return to their pastries? I think not. If it were my dinner, I’d be bringing out the smoked salmon.