I’m glad you’ve stopped by. And here you are, wanting to know ‘about me’. !!! Please, it will be my pleasure. πŸ™‚

Aside from flipping through fun postcards hour upon hour, I’ve been Executive Chef in a high-profile private dining establishment in New York City, resided briefly in Paris and the Florida Keys, lived at another time (a bit longer) on a Sparkman and Stevens 38′ wooden sloop moored at City Island and Stamford, and for much longer than that the most delightful borough of New York – Brooklyn – was my home.

I’ve also had the pleasures of being a wife and a mother. And of course I am a cat-lover, and dogs are not half-bad either. I would have a horse if I could, and add to that some goats and a donkey and I’ll be in heaven! Chickens, even though they are very stylish at the moment, don’t interest me too much.

At the moment I’m reading Henry James from beginning to end – everything he wrote. It seems to be a long haul to say the least.

But most of all I’m pleased to be right here this very moment, sharing my collection of postcards about food with you!

Of course I love comments, so please don’t be shy.



14 thoughts on “Moi?

  1. hello Karen!I
    I’ve already included your postcards in the Festival! I have links to three of your postcards along with an introduction to your blog.
    Perhaps I could add a disclaimer such as: β€œThis site under reconstruction, bookmark and come back in a few weeks”?
    I could also include your comments about your re-organization in progress?

    1. I’ll check in just a bit to see which ones you’ve linked to, Evelyn – and will re-size them! (Right now I have to take a spanakopita out of the oven and my children are hinting at starvation ha ha ha!)


  2. The links will be published tomorrow around 4 p.m. – so please feed those children!!!
    Here they are:
    Hey! Let’s Pig Out Inside a Giant White and Gold …,
    Mr. Figley’s Terribly Un-PC …
    I, Too, Always Head to the Mutton Cooling Room On My Vacation …
    Sorry for the misunderstanding,

    1. Spanakopita out of oven, all gobbled up. I’ve switched to a theme which supports the full-sized postcards throughout the blog, until I can sort it out better. πŸ™‚

      See you tomorrow!!!

  3. Yes, I’ve lived in Stamford, Bridgeport, Branford, Glastonbury, Darien . . . . different memories of each place. Distinct places, yet all very much ‘Connecticut’. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m sorry, guys – I’m way behind on answering comments. I have to say that each one did make me laugh, or smile, or think! I’m lucky to have such smart, warm, funny friends. πŸ™‚

    So . . . can I just send out a group hug here? Plus an extra smackeroo to each of you! Mwah!!!!

  5. HI Karen, Thanks for your comment on my chicken stock post at the Best American Poetry. I’ve clicked around this site and think it’s terrific! I have an idea I’d like to share w/you. Would you e-mail me so we can chat?

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