Chef Karen

Who is Chef Karen? And where is Chef Karen? She is at this place. As to why is Chef Karen, the question remains.


2 thoughts on “Chef Karen

  1. Hi Chef Karen,

    I am part of a not-for-profit organisation in England, and we are organising a series of artist-led dinners / conversations about writing.

    I found this image on your site and wondered if I could use it too? Happy to send you money, or could post you a limited edition book from one of our projects?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hello, Simon ~
      You’re welcome to use the image as far as I know for general purposes . . . this particular postcard is very common, I have two of them! But I don’t ‘own’ any rights to it. 🙂

      The only potential problem I can think of is if you do wish to publish it in a book. Postcards before 1923 have no copyrights extant, but those after that date may, depending on the circumstance. Generally if it is a product being sold – an advertising postcard – those are the ones one has to be very careful about.

      I’ve bookmarked your site and will enjoy perusing it, looks like some interesting stuff!

      The ‘Chef’ Karen is said tongue-in-cheek, as I’m against tall white hats in general. So please call me ‘just’ Karen.

      I have another blog full of images that I conceptually link to food, literature, nonsense, etc. you might enjoy, here’s a link – it’s called ‘What I Talk About’.

      Do let me know how it goes, the dinner! Bon appetit ~

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