How to Behave with Rice and Chopsticks (and More)

There are strict manners regarding the eating of rice in Japan (along with other places). Here is a starter course on learning the correct table manners, and even better – it is partially in Engrish. 🙂

The worst thing and you should never do is stab your chop sticks on the top of rice like this. This means that this rice is food for dead person.

On the other side of the globe, an American sings of brown rice.

And here, in my house, I will eat rice with chili made of veggies ~


4 thoughts on “How to Behave with Rice and Chopsticks (and More)

  1. I recall the first meal I had in a Japanese home – a dinner with a journalist and his extended family. The day before I asked a Japanese friend – an anthropologist – to give me a crash course in table manners. He gave me some of the tips referenced here and said – if you remember nothing else – remembers this: During the meal you will likely be passed a bowl or platter of food and you will have to dish some of its contents onto your plate. Whatever you do NEVER use the narrow end of your chopsticks – the end with which you pick up the food from your plate. Instead, use the bigger end of the chopsticks for that purpose. The next evening dinner was served, and straight away I was passed a platter of deep-fried fish. As I picked up my chopsticks, I could feel the eyes of my fellow diners on me. As I reversed them in my hands, I could sense a collective sigh of relief. While I may have committed other gaffs, I had passed the most critical test.

    1. Ha! True. And a good word for it too, Christo. It looks like you’re gaining numbers in the MarxFoods blog contest – hope the votes keep coming in. I posted the link to the challenge on the fb page for this blog, but won’t be able to tell how many people clicked through until a few days from now. Keeping fingers crossed for you! 😀

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