Corn – Exaggerated, Hard-Working, and Artistic

The back of this postcard says ‘Big and Corny’.

We are advised that ‘Both pump and gravity irrigation, supplied from an underground river of water, support one of the most productive farm areas of the nation’ from this postcard.

This is a postcard of The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, where the external murals are created from corn and other grains. ‘An interior panel, created entirely from split ears of corn, portrays the magnificent pheasant hunting which attracts sportsmen from around the world.’

There’s more to corn than meets the eye, obviously.


2 thoughts on “Corn – Exaggerated, Hard-Working, and Artistic

  1. Love these cards! I grew up in western So. Dakota & we would occasionally travel through Mitchell & past the Corn Palace on our way to eastern parts of the state (the state is neatly divided in two by the Missouri River.) The Corn Palace is a sight to behold, it’s immense & Moorish in design & not unlike a float in Pasadena’s Rose Parade as it is completely covered in nature’s bounty, in this case, corn.)

  2. Western South Dakota! Robert. You are a Plainsman, then. A man of the Wild West. I would love to see that Corn Palace someday, I’ve read about it for a number of years – it sounds incredible.

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