The Mysterious Conjunction of Love, Sex, and (Lobster?)

It appears that the Lobster Provider is dreaming of cold cherries and snow. Perhaps he should drink a bit more of that champagne he is determined to offer Miss Muffet! I have to wonder where, or who, the spider is – and what variety of web is being woven . . .

This postcard bears a mysterious message. The Dramas of the Deep Sea may be beyond me. What will happen???? Will the other 13 get their claws torn off in pitched battle? And if so, can I have some?

Finally, the Lobster Provider is now married. He wears a red shirt, I don’t know why. Is he now a lobster himself? Obviously, married bliss in Nova Scotia where one can squint into the sun while holding plates of crustaceans is to be much desired. Just look at those hairstyles. Delightful.


12 thoughts on “The Mysterious Conjunction of Love, Sex, and (Lobster?)

  1. I love the post as a whole, Karen, but especially so, the delightful wiles of the Miss Muffet postcard. Wouldn’t have minded being at The Sea Food, in Nova Scotia myself had calendars & circumstances allowed it. Looks like a great place to chill out. xx

  2. Susan, I’d love to be there eating lobster also! 🙂

    Bruce, yes . . . I think so. I even knew a guy who wore something quite like the ones pictured but I don’t think the heel was quite that high . . .!

  3. Hey Karen,
    My last duty assignment for the Air Force was the coast of Maine, circa 1972, we used to trade spirits for deuces, 2 # lobsters. Those were heady days……..butter, mushrooms! I had lobster ravioli for lunch today.

  4. No curds and whey? No spider. That’s a good thing. Albeit, there may be a snake in the room dreaming about cherries:) Nay, he’s going to give this woman his best shot so the cherries in the snow may just be his diversion.

    You have indeed found your niche, Karen. It may have taken a while but oh so worth it! The header is way cool too. I made one of those I never got around to using. You “wear” it well…

    Thanks for sharing…

  5. Melly, merci! 🙂

    Robert, what an answer to what all this means! I’m impressed.

    Bruce, I’m jealous. Lots of good lobster times, you’ve had!!

    Louise, the header is built-in to this wordpress theme . . . one reason why I love wordpress so much . . .


  6. Yes, I see his pumps! Quite the fashion statement for the day. Love the post, Karen. There’s a story in his thoughts….an x-rated story, methinks.

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