Just My Imagination . . .

Sometimes when I search for food postcards I get a little carried away. I start seeing food everywhere. I thought this woman’s hat was a big sweet potato.

In this case, I thought there was either a potato or a clam on top of the woman’s head. I was sure it had to be some German joke that I simply wasn’t aware of – I stared at the thing for a long time trying to figure it out. Clam? Potato? Why?

Finally I realized it was just her ponytail.


5 thoughts on “Just My Imagination . . .

  1. The top postcard’s hat is a seal. It has been partially dried for carrying. She is carrying her bait-bucket from the dock where she pushed her husband off the deep end: hence the “Merry Widow”.

    The second postcard’s hairdo is a large lima bean with a paperclip holding it in place. It was a symbol of unwed pregnancy before the Kaiser’s War: note her reluctant boyfriend, and the stork overhead.

  2. I can’t see anything there are tears of hysteria in my eyes.

    Okay, my composure has returned. Yes, sweet potato for sure on the first, definitely a paper clipped clam on the second.

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