Monkeying Around with The Mombogombo Tart

I had an urge the other day for a Mombogombo Tart. The only problem was, that there is no such thing.

Or rather, if there is I don’t know about it. There was no recipe to be found in any place I looked and nobody else had ever heard of it (except for one guy who I think was kidding).

The Mombogombo Tart was only in my mind. It was a figment of my imagination, hovering with sweet sympathy in the mists of unreality, until I should be able to grasp it somehow and make it real. And then, as these things happen, my friend Lori (of the blog Accro) started to get hungry for a Mombogombo Tart, too.

Therefore, it is imperative we put our minds to creating this thing.

Every recipe starts with someone playing with their food. Our task is to create a Mombogombo Tart. And when you’ve created it (since I am hungry and waiting for Mombogombo Tarts) please bring it to me!

Now . . . your own Mombogombo Tart might be a pastry. It might be any Thing, really, that can be eaten. Or ~ since all the things we eat are not made of food but rather they can be made of words, or of visual art ~ your Mombogombo Tart might be a story, a poem, a word picture, or a piece of art or photography.

The one thing that must exist in every Mombogombo Tart – in order to have some common bond with other Mombogombo Tarts (and also because the last post was about dairy cows and somehow dairy cows are linked to Mombogombo Tarts in my mind) is milk. Milk must somehow be a part of your Mombogombo Tart.

I’m going to create my Mombogombo Tart sometime over the next few days, and will post it as a comment to this post. I hope you’ll bring me some more Mombogombo Tarts (just post them as a comment with a link). There is no time limit, because of course! Mombogombo Tarts can not be rushed.

If there are enough tarts to make a gathering, I’ll tag this post as a Page, for posterity.

For who knows, the world might just be waiting with anxious eyes, hungry just for a Mombogombo Tart, just like I am.

Will you answer this call to action?!


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