the month of May/Is comen

The month of May is goen too. And with it will go the chance to post this psychotropic postcard offering the pleasures of May wine.

This postcard is from Maders Restaurant, which was featured in an earlier post on chefs, branding, and fame. But instead of pork shanks being run through the dining room by chef seemingly pumped on speed, there is an exhortation ‘For Your Pleasure!’

That’s nice. I do like my pleasure.

The idea of strawberry May wine has been around for a long time. It is one of the few natural seasonal drinks – the first new wine, the first new berries, a sprig of new herbs from the woods – all combine to make that serendipitous moment that does only exist in nature for ‘a moment’ and not much longer. But this drink has fallen out of style.

Should it have? In terms of taste, it can’t really compete with some finer wines. It is rather a peasant drink in ways. Simple, with a lack of pomp. It belongs on a picnic table or should be tossed back laying on a blanket in the sun – so much potential for messy clothes here!!

Here is a bit more from wiki on May wine, and here is an ‘authentic’ recipe.

And here is what the postcard says:

This famous spring wine drink has been a feature here at Maders for many years. It is a wine with a distinctive flavor all its own. On the continent it is served in the spring of the year when the Waldmeister Plant (its main ingredient) is in full Bloom. At Maders it is mixed in a bowl with luscious. ripe strawberries to bring out its best flavor. The next time you stop at Maders be sure to ask for this famous drink.

Now – why I used the title I did for this blog post is that last time I had a title that was ‘suggestive’ to readers the blog hits zoomed to twice the level of readership. Probably they had no interest in food or postcards, but so what. Now my goal in life is to write suggestive titles.

Here is where this title originated – Chaucer, of course.

Whan than the month of May
Is comen, and that I here the foules synge,
And that the floures gynnen for to sprynge,
Farewel my bok, and my devocioun!

Farewel my blog – till tomorrow maybe? I must make some May wine before May is over.


4 thoughts on “the month of May/Is comen

  1. I’m sure that plenty of suggestive title suggestions can be found in Chaucer that will being the fools to sing, the flours to spring, and the visitors’ devotion to your blog!

    A useful encouragement:
    “We will gladly Affix Stamp. Address and hand to server.”

    1. Ha ha! A useful encouragement indeed. I meant to mention that but got caught up with the May wine idea. Why yes! Please write a note on our advertisement and we will be happy to put a stamp on it to make sure it gets sent!! (This one didn’t!)

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