Revealed: Elsie the Cow Reads ‘The Farmer With Cold Hands’

Elmer is at the left, Elsie at right, and young Beauregard in his playpen. Elsie’s dressing table, made of barrels, has milk bottle lamps and her toiletries include Tail Weave Set, Henna Fur Glaze and Meadow Mud Pack. Elmer’s chair is made of actual wheels with barrel staves for rockers. The sampler over the mantel, Elise did when she was just a heifer. The candle sticks are half ears of corn and the bed ladders have scythe-handles for supports. Books in the breakfront include The Farmer With Cold Hands, Animal Husbandry and Wifery, and Bulliver’s Travels. Elsie’s dressing table mirror is a large frying pan and the floor lamp is an old churn.

Where can I get some of that Tail Weave Set, Henna Fur Glaze, and Meadow Mud Pack? I must call Borden Co. to find out!


3 thoughts on “Revealed: Elsie the Cow Reads ‘The Farmer With Cold Hands’

  1. Oh yes, she is appealing! But today she stands firmly right in the center of complex arguments over local food vs. global foods; agribusiness vs. small farming; organic vs. ‘not’; processed food vs. ‘natural’ or artisan . . .

    It is interesting though, to follow the link (on the facebook page where I post these things!) about Elsie’s past to read how corporate troubles and ‘milk wars’ made her a necessary thing. Actually, these things created Elsie. There was no real Elsie till there was an idea of an Elsie, then they had to find the real cow (and her family) to be live representatives of the idea. 🙂

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