Consider the Green Pea, In a Field Without Pity

Why this postcard has peas floating in the air I have no idea. Perhaps it is because peas are associated with pea-brains, being somewhat idiotic. Or maybe they are waiting to be put under the bed of the Princess.

The back of the postcard is entirely blank, no notes on who printed it. Or why.

The pod is obviously proud of its peas ready to burst out in little rounds. Yet . . . yet. I hear a whisper in the wind. Can you hear it?

“If only I had been born fifty years later . . . . I could have been a Sugar Snap . . . .I could have been . . . .a Sugar Snap . . . .”


11 thoughts on “Consider the Green Pea, In a Field Without Pity

  1. Let me introduce myself, I’m a Pea Princess from way back when…As a matter of fact, just this last visit with the kids proved it. I literally made my grandson strip his bed every night for fear that there may be one itsy bitsy “thing” within his bedding. Yes, he now thinks Grammy is on the rather weird side.

    Am I dating myself? I remember back when, when Sugar Snaps made their debut:)

    Great postcard! Thanks for sharing, Karen…

    1. I’m seriously glad for sugar snaps, Louise – because they are the closest thing to fresh peas we have here. There are no green peas in the market, and it is late Spring, of course. Probably people don’t buy them so farmers don’t grow them . . . so much work in the podding . . . (?) !

      1. Oops. Make that ‘shelling’. I must still have extraterrestrial pods stuck in my head!! 😀

  2. Frankly I think it’s a robust, manly pea, sent to you on the winds of destiny to argue for the maleness of peas! 🙂

    Indeed it’s interesting to have such a postcard with NO writing on it whatsoever. At the very least, it’s bad marketing for the card maker or pea grower!

    1. This is a new idea to me, Miko. Peas have always seemed female to me. But I can definitely see what you mean, and am going to have to think about this more. Yes, a manly pea. 🙂

  3. This one reminded me of Jack in the Bean Stalk… read it enough times to my children so I think I have this one down pat. Still in all, I like the fact that it enabled Jack to climb higher! Therefore I shall go trade a cow for a bean seeds….

    Yeah I know they aren’t beans but peas… doesn’t matter much. I can make them whatever I want so I chose beans and not those mushy peas!
    Nice post!

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