The Cats Picnic

Innocent Bystander: How cute! Little kitties having a picnic with their friends!!!

The Bear: Hey! I want the beer, you take the soda! You got the beer the last time!

Fishing Boy Cat: Hey Momma, I got a big fish for the pot! He’s gonna make a good bouilliabaisse!

Momma Cat: Son, we don’t make bouilliabaisse in this family. In this family we stick to chowder! Get those fancy foreign notions out of your head.

The Fish: Not me! Not me! Do not eat me! Remember, I am like you!!! I am only an adorable little animal! Not me!


4 thoughts on “The Cats Picnic

  1. I love those cards and have a lot of them. I got my first ones in the early 1960s. There are a lot of them related to food, even with dinner tables. I have been collecting “begging bears” pictured with vintage cars, so I was really amused when I saw the bears rummaging around in the car here.

  2. I have a few more of these, also. I’ll keep my eye out for begging bears with cars now, too!! šŸ™‚

  3. Whimsical I enjoyed the colors best. The cowboy cat with holding onto what looked like a nice size carp. The bears bickering in the car. Thought for a moment is was one of those Highlife pictures where we can identify each and every character. A game of sorts, like they were going to meow, meow any moment.

    Where do you find these postcards?
    Lovely post,

    1. Thanks, Penelope – yes, technicolor!! šŸ™‚ I’ve been collecting these cards for some time now.

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