Mine Are So Big I Have To Carry Them At My Side

Don’t try to find me.  You never will . . .  (though I know you want to). You should know – this is not my face, it is only a mask.


4 thoughts on “Mine Are So Big I Have To Carry Them At My Side

  1. There are those who write and those who write with a knife, sharpened by a stone. I call that “wit”. It is the writing I enjoy reading the most. You don’t simply write for the hell of it, you write prose. You are the …what! what words am I looking for… You are the Harry Potter of food blogs! Because you make us think. I find that so entertaining. I’ve mentioned this to you before.

    I’m not much for flattery just that I like to admire people with wit and a razor sharp ability. The rest is all fluff which I do not care for much.

    What matters is how you write. I imagine that before ones fingers touch a key, one must possess the skill, the craft, the words inside them. You know the words well, filled full with experience, knowledge and….. most importantly the gift!

    Do you understand what I’m trying to express?
    tata Penelope

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