On Thursdays The Trout Always Ran Good

If you’ve ever wondered aloud why ‘Friday is Fish Day’ in the Catholic religion, it’s likely you’ve been given some good reasons, the most usual one being ‘Because the Pope said so.’

But was the real reason behind it all the fact that Thursdays were often sunny and pleasant out by the stream where the trout ran well on Spring days?

Only a monk would really know.


4 thoughts on “On Thursdays The Trout Always Ran Good

  1. Ode to the days when the Chief of Police would actually receive a post card such as this in San Francisco:)

    I remember reading once that the reason Fish on Friday was touted was because fish just weren’t selling in those days. Possible?

  2. Dear Karen,
    I am about to celebrate 10,307 views of my blog, since 10 Dec 09. Couldn’t do that without celebrating “with” you. Just wanted you to know I’ve “Tagged” your blog. Yes! again. Hard to resist a really good thing. It is featured on my “Serve Me Well”, most recent postin, entitled, “What’s love got to do with it? … Food that is!”

    I am a huge admirer of your blog, your talent and your wit!
    Warmest regards,

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