How to Cook The Horned Bunny (At Easter or Anytime)

If you want to cook the horned bunny

At Easter (of course) or any time

It’s best to start with plenty of money

Which you’ll undoubtedly get by committing a crime.

The taste is exquisite, the aroma divine

The horns are the best part

When seasoned with thyme.

Next comes the big ears

They are bigger by nature

You must roast them with bear grease

Which is sold by a faker

Take ears and horns and then add the snout

Discard remainder – it is filled with self-doubt

Find lavender, seaweed, cockles, nasturtiums

Marrow, a pumpkin, leeks.

The best pot is clay, the best fire wood

Dice all together and smack your lips good

If you do all these things with your horned little bunny

Your Easter guests might think you quite funny

Yet the aroma will remind you of every thing missed, of all things lost or forgotten.

Of questions always done right on a quiz, of rising to top from the bottom

Life will become a thing full of meaning, a statehood, a nation

With nothing demeaning, nary a pinprick

To bear but elation!

The horned bunny will bring you these things

If you just cook it right!

The horned bunny has wings.


4 thoughts on “How to Cook The Horned Bunny (At Easter or Anytime)

  1. greeks like to eat rabbit, but it’s one symbol that isn’t really associated with greek easter – no one would have it at the table on easter day (it’s all lamb, lamb and more lamb)

    1. Karen, thank you for that bit of – I was going to say doggerel, but clearly there has to be another term – rabbit drivel? Loved it, Karen Cilman

      1. Mmm . . . apparently the ghost of Bunnicula overtook me for fifteen minutes or so there, Karen. But I’m very glad you liked it. 😀

    2. Anyone who does not have their own Greek Easter should seriously check out your blog, Maria. This week’s posts have been wonderful. 🙂 Happy Easter! x

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