“Molasses Draws Flies”

Does she need a chiropractor?

Why does he look like ‘The Joker’ in Batman?

And who is that other guy?

And I really love the way her hand is set on top of the bar . . . and his, too – the index finger so elegantly foisting itself towards her.

What does all this mean? I don’t know, for sure. I can guess . .  But! I do know that the reason the word ‘molasses’ was used in the saying that defines this postcard is not only because the young lady is so ‘sweet’ (to the point of being bent almost double with her darling hair and ‘frontspiece’ edging towards the grinning gentleman) but also because molasses is a part of some recipes for beer, which the fellows are gulping down so happily.

Cheers! I raise a glass to you. I’m standing up straight though, and I do hope you’re not The Joker.


4 thoughts on ““Molasses Draws Flies”

    1. I love molasses as an ingredient in many things, Michelle! That slight bitterness along with the sweetness really does it for me. 🙂

  1. What a funny postcard, Karen! Perhaps the other gentleman is Robin, doing some undercover intelligence gathering for Batman by having a congenial beer with the archenemy. The title saying is certainly not a common one; a Bing search on +”molasses draws flies” yielded only 22 hits, of which yours is one, and some of the other 21 are duplicate hits that lead to the same website. The earliest citation on the web was from 1897, but the phrase has been used right up to the present. Here it is as posted in a comment on November 6, 2009: “…mud and water draw little boys like molasses draws flies!!”

    You might be interested in the blog that prompted that comment, since it is a recipe for delicious-looking mamaliga ( a variation on polenta): Mămăligă Baked with Cheese


    Perhaps you already are familiar with the One Perfect Bite blogsite or its author. The mamaliga post mentions that the author participated in a food competition in New York City. — Leo

  2. Yes, I think it’s Robin too, Leo! Interesting blog find ~ I haven’t seen a recipe for mamaliga anywhere recently! 🙂

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