Cutey Pie Roasts Man

I keep falling asleep and having the strangest dreams. There’s something about being a little chick in your big hands . . . that must be the reason.

This time I had a dream that I was a human woman. Naturally I was in a yellow dress, pretty much the color of my natural feathers, but of course not as fluffy or as alluring! My face was rather peaked and chicken-like, but that may have been because sitting directly across from me was my natural enemy (at least as a chick!) – a dog. His teeth were hanging out and he was panting. I had a sense he wanted to eat something.

But it wasn’t me he wanted to eat. It was the little man. I was doing what – normally – people end up doing to me! I was roasting someone, over a nice wood fire burned down to the hottest of coals.

And I was saying to him: “Why don’t you pop?”

I don’t know why I was saying that. But I do know that he didn’t smell as nice as I do, roasted. But it was just a dream. Maybe in real life he would?


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