I’m Not Your Church-and-Chicken Dinner Kind of Chick

A lovely nap. Your hands are a little bit rough though. If you want me to nap here any more (with my adorable soft blond chickiness and all) I hope you’ll find some moisturizer. This is something we know about, chicks. It’s all about the moisturizer.

But I had a dreadful nightmare!  I can’t even describe it to you!! Please give me some tiny bits of that baguette over there, with just a touch of Meyer Lemon preserves if you will – while I describe it. Bread, and lemons – they suit me well! Bread, lemons, garlic. All will be part of my final day.

Thank you for your letter and B.J. thanks for the photo. she thinks it is very good me. Marje. B.J. and I went to church together last Sun. We had dinner at this place last week very good. See you soon. Best to all three of you. Fondly, Elizabeth

I need to say one thing to you, Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who goes from church to chicken dinner.


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Your Church-and-Chicken Dinner Kind of Chick

    1. Mariana, it depends completely on the church. Not so often in general anymore I don’t think. Off the top of my head I seem to link most Catholic churches with what they call ‘coffee and fellowship’ after mass which is just coffee and donuts. The Presbyterians seem to fall into categories based on their sect – some do coffee and donuts, some do nothing, some do have either a ‘pot-luck’ after service or alternately a day during the week when there is a communal meal available, prepared by one of the Sunday School groups. As postcardy mentioned the Orthodox Christian churches may have a deeper tradition of this – there are not so any of these churches around so the attendees may hold to these fellowship traditions (and their traditional foods) more closely. One thing that does happen often though is that people go out to a restaurant to eat after church service. It’s a big day for certain types of restaurants – the ones they call ‘family’ oriented . . . which category Zehnder’s falls into. 🙂

  1. As a side-note, Jewish congregations often seem to have a communal pot-luck kosher meal after services . . . from what I’ve noticed, though of course that could be disappearing too . . .

    1. As another side note, I lost the last two letters of your name in the earlier post. No excuse but tiredness. Have now popped them back in place, though!! 😀

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