Why I’m Afraid by Cutey Pie

Come here. Sit down please and hold out your hands, together in a nice little cup shape. I’d like to jump into them and cuddle while we talk about this.

Yesterday I told you I wanted adventure. I’m not ready for what they have planned for me. I may never be ready. What am I afraid of? Please pat my little head softly while I tell you. There, that’s nice. Have you been handling garlic? Oh how I love the smell on your fingers as they ruffle my feathers! Garlic, is of course part of my destiny.

These images will show you why I am afraid.

I mean, how tacky!!!! I do not want to end up being your fast food. You can label it ‘gourmet’ all you want. I do not believe you.

Now please scratch my little neck, softly. And my wing. Now stay just like that, I need a nap.


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