Non-Ephemeral Ephemera

Yet another site with great information on ‘what ephemera is’ with lots of fun (and useful, if you are so inclined) reading: The Ephemera Society.

Lots to dawdle over.


2 thoughts on “Non-Ephemeral Ephemera

  1. An informative website that has been in my Favorites for quite a while. I hope to submit an article for their “Why I Collect” area. Note that the Ephemera Society of America’s 30th annual Conference and Paper Show is coming up soon (March 19-21, 2010), and will feature the theme of transportation. I’m sorry I cannot attend, since there will be a conference entitled “Fly Away – Images from the John Grossman exhibit at Winterthur” presented by Laura Parrish. A major focus of my postcard collection is images of early flying machines, especially American dirigibles. Perhaps her presentation will be made available online.

    A final comment on your title, which suggests that the website of The Ephemera Society is “Non-Ephemeral”. I suggest that websites are perhaps some of the most ephemeral objects of all, and may pose a perplexing challenge to ephemera collectors of the future. A website only exists as long as it is maintained, and can blink out of existence at a moment’s notice. In addition, both the content and the design of a website can change over time, so a website viewed today may not look the same — nor have the same content — as the same website that was viewed at some time in the past. Your blogsite demonstrates this, since its contents will change the instant I click the “Reply” button to add this comment. The design of the blogsite changes, too, each time you select a new WordPress Theme, as you did a couple of weeks ago. By the way, I like your present theme better than the last theme; it is much lighter than the previous dark one.

    — Leo

    1. Well, you see the thing is Leo – that the Ephemera Society is taking ephemera and making it into something more formal than what it usually is – ‘throwaway’ sort of stuff. The journal has articles with bibliographies, I’m sure – and the tone of the site hints that ephemera is something curated, pinned down, studied, and made into something that will fill the dusty shelves of university libraries for many years to come. In that sense it is ‘non-ephemeral’. But I do agree with you about websites and blogs. Definitely ephemeral! 🙂

      I’ll keep an eye out for your article!

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