A Cat-and-Mouse Version of “Where’s the Beef?”

Lo and behold, the sweet little kitties! In the big bowl of cream they’ve been given swims a mouse!

Do the kitties care about the bowl of cream anymore? No. They want something more, something meaty, something mousey, something with a tail they can delicately sink their little teeth into to grab onto and merrily carry away to their dinner table!

Mice are also considered to be good things to eat for people, in various times and places. A long time ago, people thought dormice with honey a fine delicacy. And even today (in some cultures) the seasonal Spring Mouse fattened in the fields on rice is thought a delicious and desirable thing to dine upon. Why not, after all?! It is locally sourced, sustainable, organic most likely (but if you’re hungry and poor you probably don’t care about any of this – what matters is that it is affordable and tasty) and does not take up all the space a cow or steer would consume, to maintain to a full edible growth.

The immersing of mouse into liquid actually reminds me of baby mice wine. (And if you look at the eyes of the little black kitten hovering over the bowl of cream at the back, I think it possible he’s considering the idea too. . . .)

In odd situations it is possible for a mouse to escape a cat uneaten. This example is a good one. Of course it was in England.

But mice at times have acted against the cats who eat them. There can be payback. Tom Kitten knows this well. Oh, poor Tom Kitten!!! How will he be cooked?????


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