A Man-Eat-Dog World

“Picnic of Death” – South Korean dog hanged . . .  then eaten.

This photo postcard with the terse description printed on its back is from more recent times than most of the postcards on this blog. It is meant, obviously, to make a rhetorical point in an ‘in-your-face’ sort of way, with a reliance on pathos – more than on logos or ethos.

People do eat dogs in various places around the world, of course. People pretty much eat everything in various places around the world. The parts of the puzzle which make us want to eat something, or rather, refuse it with disgust – or even horror! – are numerous.

For an explanation of the reasons various cultures have for eating – or for not eating – dog, this article at wiki is a great place to start.

I won’t end this piece with saying ‘bon appetit’ – you will each decide this for yourself. You may even think you should decide it for others, too! Food is a powerful mover and shaker in the area of morality.


3 thoughts on “A Man-Eat-Dog World

  1. It’s a shame if you read this blog but do not use facebook – for some of my very-intelligent friends have left comments there on the link to this post. 24 comments so far, to be exact. And each one with something vital and knowledgeable to say! Please consider ‘friending’ me on fb if you are a regular reader, for these comments stretch the discussion so much further! 🙂

    1. In ancient Greece, dog was cosidered to have healing powers, whether alive or dead. The doctor god Asclepius was often accompanied by one and Hippocrates (5th – 4 th BC) regarded dog meat as a light meal and source of strength. In later antiquity, dog was considered unclean to eat, but remained acceptable as famine-food.

      1. Interesting stuff, Mariana! Thanks . . .! 🙂

        Once again, lots of good comments with

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