Postcards, Extended Beyond Food and Imagination

This week I discovered one of the most fascinating sites on the postcard-as-postcard (as opposed to postcard-as-food-lens)!

It’s called The Metropolitan Postcard Club – here it is with A Not-So-Concise-History of the Evolution of Postcards in the United States. Bon appetit!


2 thoughts on “Postcards, Extended Beyond Food and Imagination

  1. Yes, is an amazing resource! Their publishers database is extensive, and a treasure trove of information about individual postcard publishing companies! Another asset of this wonderful website is the list of publishers’ initials. (The publisher or printer of a postcard is sometimes identified on the card only by a set or logo of initials.) However, the list is somewhat hidden from easy access, since it is — to my mind, rather nonintuitively — only accessible as a submenu of the Glossary page. So, in addition to the home page of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City, I have their Guide to Publisher’s Initials saved as a separate favorite:

    — Leo

    1. I agree the site is not set up to show its best stuff, unless one decides to go through every page, thoroughly reading! But as you note, Leo – great resource. 🙂

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