The Headless Chef

There are a lot of questions to be answered about this postcard.

1. Why does the chef have no head?

2. Why do the two men in the doorway have no heads? Did the chef cook all three heads and if so, using what method?

3. Is the chef male or female?

4. Why is the kitchen so clean if indeed the chef has been cooking?

5. It looks as if the chef is going to carve the turkey at the kitchen table rather than at the dining table. Why would a chef do this?

Aside from that, this scene looks to me as if it is a situation where the chef would either be a ‘private chef’ or a ‘caterer’, hired to do a special function. It appears as if it were a job which could be done solo, to any special requirements the client asked for beforehand – without the necessity of having a full licensed kitchen of one’s own or additional staff to manage.

I’m not sure whether the thing on the table next to the turkey is a fork, or a turkey foot, running for its life. Could be either, don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “The Headless Chef

    1. There are more of these ‘headless’ postcards with different types of people in them – it seems to have been a series printed up. Maybe the sender was encouraged to paste in a photo of themselves and others?

      This week, no narratives from me though – just the cards and a bit of commentary! But another post does come to mind – about a head served for dinner . . . it’s at this link

      1. The thought did cross my mind, Susan . . .! Those narratives are so much more difficult to pull out of a hat than the usual type blog post, though. As you must know!!

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