Sundays at the Dinner Table: Meet Your Organic, Sustainable Chef!

Hi. I’m Karen. But you can call me Chef Karen, if you’d like. If it pleases you, who am I to say ‘no, just call me Karen’.

You can see me here in the kitchen. It is a big kitchen. Lots of things go on in that kitchen! The article, even though it is an old article, describes some of those things.

I have several problems with this article, though. First of all, my haircut. My haircut was all wrong. But you know, there is not much you can do when some angry  4’10” Russian guy starts cutting your hair on a day when he is not feeling well. He is the guy with the biggest scissors in that moment, just as the chef is the guy (or girl) with the biggest  knife, in the professional kitchen.

But let me not complain. I’m here to tell you who I am, so you will know the chef who prepares your meals here at Postcards From The Dinner Table.

First of all, I am organic.

Next, I am sustainable. Indefinitely, of course – but who really can define ‘sustainable’ with any real assurance?

This brief introduction must end now. People around me are hungry and I  must go cook! It’s possible I might be back next Sunday, to talk about food philosophy, or ethics, or morals – or I might even introduce you to my cat!!!!

A tout l’heure, then!

Chef Karen


3 thoughts on “Sundays at the Dinner Table: Meet Your Organic, Sustainable Chef!

  1. Wow Karen, I think you look great in the photo- I can see how you probably wouldn’t love that haircut though, but I’m fine with it.

    I never realized until now that you had worked for Goldman-Sachs! Wow, especially if it was in the corporate kitchen- you must have been feeding- well, just to think about who you were feeding!

    The article makes you sound almost like Julia Child- which is a good thing.

    I’m would never doubt that your goals are organic and sustainable.

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