Kitty Spills Her Milk!

It looks to me as if Barney is a bit soused. But then, it also appears to me as if Kitty just might be faking her falling tears.

The poem:

As beautiful Kitty one morning was tripping
With a pitcher of milk from the fair of Coleraine,
When she saw me she stumbled, the pitcher down tumbled,
And all the sweet butter-milk watered the plain.
Oh! what shall I do now? ’twas looking at you, now;
Sure, sure, such a pitcher I’ll ne’er meet again;
‘Twas the pride of my dairy! O Barney M’Cleary,
You’re sent as a plague to the girls of Coleraine!

I sat down beside her, and gently did chide her,
That such a misfortune should give her such pain;
A kiss then I gave her, and, ere I did leave her,
She vowed for such pleasure she’d break it again.
‘Twas hay-making season–I can’t tell the reason–
Misfortunes will never come single, ’tis plain;
For very soon after poor Kitty’s disaster
The devil a pitcher was whole in Coleraine.

Don’t cry over spilt milk, Kitty!!! When you get back from the haystack you might want to take a look at these recipes and try some, from the best book on milk I’ve ever read.

By the way, Barney’s shoes look strangely tight. Is he okay?!


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