Home On the Range With Jekyll and Hyde (with Some Recipes for Bear)

When looking at the picture on the other side do not think that I am in a country where they do that. I did not even see a rabbit yet. Best wishes to you and all. Huey

So says Huey to his friend Delphina back home in Illinois. Huey has come to Montana – and though he says he hasn’t even seen a rabbit yet, he’s decided to choose a postcard to send to Delphina with a picture of a grizzly bear chewing off a man’s leg while the man desperately and violently attempts to pistol-whip the bear in return. Or should I say rifle-whip? The man has a friend in among the fallen trees who momentarily will do the bear in – the bear will fall to the shot of his rifle. The friend’s moustache is so big. I wonder if the kickback and the smoke from the shot singed it . . . a pity if so!

But these are things we think of when we think of bear hunting and the call of the Wild West, where outlaws might reign and where people might go game-hunting often, particularly in 1912.

Huey. I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you haven’t even seen a rabbit. Huey . . . you are reminding me of a certain curious instance detailed in literature and in this movie clip from 1912 – which is when you write of non-existing rabbits.

If you did bag a bear, Huey, there are some great things you could put on the dinner table if you want to follow a recipe! I like the idea of a marinade then serving up a steak with a Scotch Whiskey Gravy, to be found here at the Bear Recipes site.

I bet it would taste better than that potion you just swallowed.


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