Destinee and the Fantastic Egg

Scrambled Eggs from MFK Fisher

8 good fresh eggs

1/2 pint or more good rich cream

Salt and Pepper

Break eggs gently into skillet. Pour in cream and stir quietly til blended – but no more.

Never beat or whip.

Heat very slowly, stirring from the middle bottom in large curds – as seldom as possible.

Never let bubble.

Add seasoning at last stir or two.

This takes perhaps half an hour. It can not be hurried.


2 thoughts on “Destinee and the Fantastic Egg

  1. I note that MFK Fisher in her recipe does not specify the kind or size of eggs. Since the autos shown are too small to hold even one of the men, we must presume that we have a complex inter-universe size mismatch among the egg-collecting giantess, the giant eggs, the men and horses, the autos, and perhaps the recipe. All “hustling to keep up with the hens” which we do not see, but perhaps just as well. Destinee’s kitchen likely is too eclectic for most tastes.

    1. Destinee’s kitchen, of course, is for her own pleasure! She realizes that even though she does not know how to dress appropriately, and that most people aside from other giantesses or giants would be frightened of her (though of course fascinated in ways) that one thing she can have in this life of what you so knowingly call a complex inter-universe size mismatch (and I trust your judgment on this, Bob – for this after all is your field of specialization) is a dish of the best scrambled eggs in the world.

      And that’s no small thing.

      If MFK Fisher were around today as a ‘new’ MFK Fisher without a history or a background, I assure you some number of editors would be sure to straighten her out quickly about the importance of defining standardized recipes and writing them to be idiot-proof.

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