Hey! Let’s Pig Out Inside a Giant White and Gold Cupcake

Dear Sis –

If you are ever hungry for too much to eat just show up at the Kapok Inn. We ate there last night and are in Ft. Myers today. We plan to go on to Miami tomorrow. We will spend Sat. eve, Sun there and go on to north Mon. Lots of fun, Paul

It sounds as if Paul ate so much that he expanded to Ft. Myers. How a meal could continue to expand him all the way to Miami the day after is something to think about. But he’s having fun, so that’s what matters! I would be having fun too if I were sitting inside a giant white and gold cupcake being endlessly fed.

But here we have two feet of snow and I have to go make my own breakfast. I can only dream of expanding-by-eating through the warm cities of Florida and after all that was done with, after I’d eaten enough to place me right beside the ocean, ofย  taking the lessons that would make me a mermaid.


9 thoughts on “Hey! Let’s Pig Out Inside a Giant White and Gold Cupcake

  1. Florida is sounding might good right now and you dear lady sure haven’t helped much. I’d eat my way to Florida simply for some warmth. These ol’ bones ain’t what they use to be!!!!

    Happy Holidays, Karen and thanks for the jolt!!!

  2. Hello again Karen,
    I wanted to confirm that this is one of three posts that have been featured in the latest Festival of Postcards which you can read here:
    As I told Canadian Family readers, yours is a particularly unique and entertaining site and I look forward to reading your future posts!
    Evelyn in Montreal

    1. Evelyn, thanks for linking to the posts! I stopped in a few days ago right after you had the data loss thing happen. Ugh. Always so difficult to recover all that. Which reminds me, have you taken a look at Mozy? It’s a (free) online program that saves your online stuff as you go along – so that if something like that happens again you could retrieve it all easier.

      Busy few days here, but I look forward to visiting your blog tomorrow to see all the wonderful posts you’ve collected from others. You do a fabulous job with all this and are to be greatly commended!!

      See you there, then! ๐Ÿ™‚

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