Sincerely, My Potatoes Are Bigger Than Yours, Weigellia

Dear Donna, I sure wish it was summer too, although we have been having lovely weather on Feb. 14th – I even saw a butterfly. We did have four days of snow last month – and was it cold !!

Guess what? We have a cat that eats ants. Mom moved his bed – some ants had made a nest under it and he was licking them up by the score! Sincerely,

Miss Weigellia Trook

Subtext: Hi. I live in Oregon. Not much going on here but we do grow big potatoes. They are much bigger than your potatoes in West Virginia. Yes, I am freezing to death but on Valentines Day a butterfly appeared magically for me, which is really good luck and means some great guy will fall in love with me very soon! But till then I want you to know that we have the best cat in the world. Not every cat goes about eating the stupid ugly insects which appear here out in the countryside, so I am very very lucky!! I really need you to know this, and my name is, of course – not something simple like Donna. I am, of course – Weigellia.


5 thoughts on “Sincerely, My Potatoes Are Bigger Than Yours, Weigellia

    1. Ken, thank you. I appreciate the comment and the kindness behind it. 🙂

      I’m not so sure that blogging is a book that writes itself, though – because from what I’ve heard, print publications rarely want to reprint something which has previously been exposed to the public as a blog post.

      I can see blogging as an adjunct – but the two forms of writing even, are different (for me, at least!).

      It was nice to have you stop by for a visit, though. Let’s do it more often. It sure beats meeting on a raft going down the Nile as we usually do. Calmer.

  1. Darn! I had my comment all written and then I flew off to visit Ken’s blog; which by the way, I adored. (He was cooking Duck:)

    I’m going to have to also agree with him. These posts are treasures to be shared; in blog, book AND movie!!! We are swiftly losing grasp of days gone by and soon, not only will generations once again fear the potato, they will question the meaning of the word postcard!

  2. Ken’s a doll, Louise. And I hear he can cook, too. 😉

    I’m putting together a book on the postcards right now – so the blogging might be set aside for a bit till I get the first chapter done (which I hope to be able to do in the time span of a month).

    Funny, thinking about people not knowing the meaning of the word ‘postcard’! In ways maybe Twitter is the postcard of the present?

  3. Weigellia Trook? Nobody could make up these old-fashioned names!

    I don’t have as many postcards as I once did, but I have kept lists of distinctive names (many of them copied from obituary notices in Southern newspapers when I visited my parents). Some of them are worthy of Carson and Eudora.

    And an ant-eating cat?

    What a wonderfully bizarre moment in my day. Thanks!

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