Hollywood Turkey, Psycho on the Side

Dear Alla,

Elsie and I were here for my birth day Oct. 17. we had turkey dinner. her gift to me + a slipe had nice time.


Hi. I’m Hazel. It was me who wrote that card. I think it’s about time the truth came out.

Do you see that place? What do you think? I’ll tell you what I thought when I saw that’s where Elsie was taking me for my birthday dinner. I thought . . . Bates Motel ((((shudder))))!!!!

See the similarity??? I mean here we are in Hollywood! And she takes me to a place that looks like I might get murdered and cut up and served for dinner myself?

Don’t let the little blurb fool you about ‘internationally known’ and ‘beautiful flowers’. Besides I wanted lobster or steak, not turkey. Turkey? Are you kidding me?! Now the slip she got me was pretty good. Even though I spelled it as ‘slipe’ I was so upset over having to eat turkey for my birthday dinner.

But at least we did make it out alive and I got to get dressed up for another day. A new slipe is a nice thing to have.


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