It’s a Cornucakesia Not a Cornucopia

I had a terrible time deciding what to serve along with the turkey snood postcard. Of course  I wanted to serve snoods but things being what they are, I didn’t find one ready to hit the saute pan.

The alternate was cockscombs and I did find some

. . . . but didn’t get around to cooking them yet.

Instead, since the Tom Turkey was carrying along a nice ear of corn in the postcard, I decided to make corncakes. The ones pictured below were slightly sweetened and served for breakfast with a bit of honey.

There are delicate little bits of corn inside these corncakes – the recipe is quite adaptable and can be served as a savory side by adding scallions, peppers, chili powder, herbs – any number of good things!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Cornucakesia Not a Cornucopia

  1. hey, loved this post! the coloured pasta is also available here in crete – we even have striped lasagne (gotta buy a pack to show you!)

    and surprise surprise i make corncakes – its a favorite snack of ours!

  2. What do you flavor your corncakes with, Maria?

    And yes, the colored pastas are pretty – and pretty expensive too! At least the ones which use the deeper colors. 🙂

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