A New England Apple Custard Pie for Benjamin

apple pie fin

Dear Benjamin,

I know I told you in yesterday’s post I’d make you a pie today, and I’ve gotten a start on it. It wasn’t all that easy, because since I don’t know you it’s hard to know what you’d like. And I’d hate to make a pie you didn’t really like.

You’re from New England, though (as I am) so I figured a New England pie would be in order, because we do tend to like things that taste like home.

The recipe I decided on is from ‘The New England Yankee Cook Book’ (published in 1939). You might have been middle-aged when this book was published, so the flavors would be familiar to you, as would the style be also!

I liked the note in the cookbook about how “This is the kind of pie to which the girls treated their ‘best fellers’ fifty years ago, when Pa was courtin’ Ma”. For all I know, you may have been the intentional ‘best feller’ of a girl who did make you this exact pie!

I’ll try to get this to you today, but it’s rainy and cold and I’ve got to go get the ingredients. If not today, then tomorrow for sure. You can wait just a bit, can’t you? I hope so!

Yours in pies,



One thought on “A New England Apple Custard Pie for Benjamin

  1. I’ve been debating about what I wanted to do as one of the Thanksgiving desserts this year (for a huge crowd) and this really appeals. I love pecan pie but I am almost alone in my odd family and its in-laws and out-laws. I am not a pumpkin pie fan, preferring sweet potato. Apple pie always seems too everyday-ish for the feast. This, however, sounds scrumptious — a word I rarely use. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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