If I Can’t Have Too Much Crab, I’ll Have No Crab At All.

crab fin

crab back fin

This postcard was never sent, never written on. I don’t blame them. If I had a postcard with that scene on it I’d want to keep it forever, sometimes to find it in my old piles of papers tucked away with the haphazard delight of the ‘unfiled’ – those wanton free-living cluttery bits of old bills and manuscript which at surprising times yield up the most delicious tidbits of times and travels past from the drawer or box  opened to be ‘sorted out’.

I’d take this postcard up between my fingertips and I’d look at it for a good long time. I’d think how much the man in the back looks like Cary Grant, and muse on how wonderful it would be to stand in front of the treasure-trove of the pink-orange crabs just laying there waiting to be eaten at that stand, on that pier, with a gentleman by my side! both of us quite elegantly dressed for the occasion.

I do love crabmeat. So much so that I feel about crabmeat the way Colette felt about truffles: ‘If I can’t have too many truffles, I’ll do without truffles.’

Where can I find that pier? And how much is the plane fare to get there?


8 thoughts on “If I Can’t Have Too Much Crab, I’ll Have No Crab At All.

  1. i havent had the chance to eat good crab – the few times that i have had it, i didnt like it that much
    i am still hoping for the day when i get the chance to eat some good crab

  2. Evelyn, I also am all for the comfort of a picnic table!!! 😀

    Maria, good crab is hard to find. But someday, someday . . . !

    Sara, your question is quite philosophic but after thinking about it the realization came to me that Cary Grant is only eye candy, and crab is the real thing. 😉

    Postcardy – those technocolor cards really shine, don’t they?!

  3. Fisherman’s wharf is a magical place in San Francisco! I can almost smell the salty breeze and hear the seals that bask in the sun on the wharf (well fog….) barking. We always bought a healthy portion of crabs and oysters in the outdoor seafood market there when I was a ittle girl:) Your writing style is captivating Karen! Bravo!

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