Cookin’ Fer Yer Man

lady fin

lady back fin

Yours, Respt.

‘Respectfully Yours’ – short and sweet. Sent to Mrs. Clyde Lipps.

Really you gotta wonder.


2 thoughts on “Cookin’ Fer Yer Man

  1. I was visualizing in my head how this all happened, Suzy. It had to be ‘Mr. Clyde Lipps’ (silly name, really) who gave it to her because it wasn’t postmarked.

    Did he hand it to her when he came home? Stick it in a grocer’s bag, more secretly? Leave it on the kitchen counter before leaving for work, for her to find when she entered the kitchen?

    And what was it that he wanted her to cook? It looks like a fish in the pan. Did the smell of fish make her feel ill? Honestly the only thing I can think of that I remember being repulsed by the smell of it cooking was scrapple at some forgotten place when I was about seven years old . . . and I have to wonder if the stuff was ‘turned’. I can remember the way it smelled even now. Ugh.

    Yes, I do hope he had a sense of humor. I really do. 🙂
    Odd, the whole thing!

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