Tupperware – Is it all about the Party?

Tupperware has had an interesting history that goes beyond its famous ‘burp’. But the most fascinating thing about Tupperware, to me, is the parties. I’ve always heard of ‘Tupperware parties’ yet have never been to one. They seem to represent solid suburbia in an iconic way.

I don’t use Tupperware . . . my food storage is done with this and that and the other thing, at home. I do use plastic containers to send my kids’ lunches to school with them

(this one has fried rice with shrimp and a couple of little sides)

I ran across a few things this week I might like to put in some Tupperware for storage . . . there were these Lebanese pastries

(which are now all gone, and which were utterly delicious!) and there was this cake – which might have been interesting to bring to a Tupperware party

This was in the bakery department of my local supermarket. I don’t know which part of the cake I would most want to save . . .  I really wish I’d bought the thing, in retrospect.

Maybe I’ll go back to see if they still have it. Or another one like it?

Man Soup

“Soup of the evening, beautiful soup!”

I do wonder why it is always the male of the species who ends up in the stewpot (apparently, in this example, adding a bit of extra gas to the seasoning) of the ‘savages’.

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One Little Piggy Went To Market

This card was addressed in pen-and-ink on the back to a ‘Miss Hatty Kehoe’, RFD #3 Sherburne, New York. On the front, in pencil on the left side, the sender has written ‘To show my generosity- ship’.

One little piggy went to market

One little piggy stayed home

One little piggy ate roast beef

One little piggy had none

And one little piggy went ‘wheeeee’ all the way home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Piggies lead an exciting life!

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Message From Momma to Poppa, Iowa 1912

Dear hubby recieved your letter yesterday glad to hear from you I’m going to town to do as you told me in regard to the Corn tickets. will write soon we are all well momma

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